About Us

Abacus African vacations welcomes you to the diverse and fascinating Uganda. Let us help you to experience the warmth of its people, its natural beauty, great scenery, its wildlife including the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other primates and explore roads less travelled.

You may ask why you should travel with Abacus African vacations, since on internet you are offered cheap tours everywhere. We will say that you may be lucky and get a good trip that way, but more often than not, the quality of these tours are not up to the standard of a good safari


Abacus African vacations was founded in 2004 by a young entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Begumisa with an intention of adding value to tourism services in Uganda. It is no wonder that the bulk of the office staff are young tourism professionals. Over the years, our passion and the expert knowledge of our country have made us the ideal guide on the ground to make your Uganda safari a memorable one. We have been providing bespoke travel experiences for over ten years and our escorted tours include: mountain gorilla tracking, wildlife game viewing in Uganda’s vast national parks, fishing safaris, migration safaris, and primate tours, hiking adventures, hunting safaris, filming and photographic safaris and romantic getaways.


We have earned the trust of both our suppliers and customers often working closely with the leading safari lodges and camps to fulfill your African dream Safari. We therefore buy in bulk to pass on the saving to our customers.


To be the leading indigenous Safari outfitter in Uganda.


To offer bespoke tours to Uganda, the pearl of Africa for the discerning traveler through sustainable and responsible use of Uganda’s tourism resources while ensuring that visitors leave a positive impact on the socio-economic scene of Uganda and the Eastern African region as a whole.


Our core values include but are not limited to anticipating our customer’s needs and delivering them in the most efficient manner, professionalism, empathy, flexibility, total quality management and responsible tourism practices, competitive prices, attention to detail and excellent customer service for maximum customer utility and satisfaction.


Abacus African Vacations employs a broad range of marketing tools to turn Uganda from an undiscovered destination to a preferred tourism destination for African Safari enthusiasts. The company is actively involved on online marketing platforms such as face book and twitter in addition to over 30 web domains all showcasing Uganda’s tourism products to the global market place. Other aspects of the company’s marketing mix are competitive price discrimination and product bundling as well as consistently attending international tourism exhibitions for network marketing opportunities.


Our dedicated staff of 15 is highly qualified to suite their roles in the daily operations of the company. At Abacus African Vacations, staff roles and job descriptions are optimally matched to the requisite qualifications and talents to enable staff perform their tasks diligently in order to achieve the company’s objectives through customer satisfaction.


We do provide customized 4WD safari vehicles with a pop up roof on all our tours and we strive to ensure a window seat for every guest booked on safari with us. We use a cocktail of both safari vans and Toyota Landcrusers as per customer requirements. In order to concentrate on planning your safari, the majority of our vehicles are outsourced from trusted car hire companies whose specialty and expertise is in the building and maintenance of customized safari vehicles while we take care of the rest.

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