| December 16, 2015

5 Reasons for visiting Uganda

There are a number of reasons for making Uganda your dream destination this year;

  1. Uganda is home to almost half of the remaining Mountain Gorillas in the Wild with over 10 habituated gorilla tracking families and 3 tracking sections that is Nkuringo, Ruhijja, and Buhoma
  2. Uganda is home to the World’s longest River (River Nile) on which is the World’s strongest falls located in Murchison falls national park where the Victoria Nile joins the Albert Nile.
  3. Uganda is a must see for you because of the diverse culture that is widely scatted all over the country with over 60 tribes and languages living in harmony,  because of this and many others, Uganda is some times called a condensed Africa. So when you visit Uganda always ask for to test the local food.
  4. The hospitable nature of Ugandans is so inviting and if your Uganda safari itinerary is short, prepare to say good bye in tears because you will definitely fall in love with Uganda and very thing in it so you better prepare to come.
  5. Abacus African Vacations – Uganda Safaris have got your budget covered for Luxury, Mid-range and budget safaris with our safaris offers. We also have the quickest response ever in replying to all your safari inquiries in time when preparing for a safari with us. We also do tailor made safari itineraries to provide you with the best memorable safari ever.