| March 18, 2015

Efforts has been put in by both the Virunga and Volcanoes rangers to Track down Gorilla Poachers

Gorillas are regarded the most thrilling activities in the world, although gorillas are regarded endangered, they are only remained in three countries where they can be tracked safely, these include Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the population census carried out on these primate species there are about 980 individuals remaining world wide. Threats to gorillas are very many like destruction of their habitat for agriculture and settlement, killed by other animals, poaching for trade meat and medicine among other factors have all contributed to their reduction in number.

However a combined effort has been put by rangers of both Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to hunt down poachers who are a very big threat to these few remaining giant gorillas. The patrol started Just a few weeks ago in the middle of the Virunga Massif in a new effort of making the region safe for the drastically decreasing in numbers of mountain gorillas as well as the additional wildlife. On several occasion reports has been forwarded to the park wardens when found some of these giants missing until when they decided to embark on tracking down gorilla poachers.

This patrol was carried out by 24 members among them rangers from the two parks joined by community members coming from regions neighboring these two parks. Over the latest months a minimum of 2 youthful mountain gorillas have actually been captured in traps. One luckily survived, however, unfortunately the other one did not.

The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) which is a coalition of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), provided requirements to these rangers as well as the community members that carried out this patrol.
Gorillas have generated a lot of revenue to the countries where these species are tracked and are regarded as the most attractive activity as very many tourists whole over the world leave their beautiful offices and residences to come and spend at least one to two days in the wild these species.

Meeting our close relative’s gorillas is regarded as a moment in life difficult to forget, so it’s really painful to find these poachers killing animals. Thanks go to the park rangers who has done a grate job of habituating them and also protecting them from these heartless poachers and also the community members.