| January 22, 2015


Gorilla Tracking is regarded as one of the most fascinating activities done in Uganda and it earns a lot of foreign exchange to Uganda’s economy due to very many tourists who flop in to watch gorillas in their natural habitat. Uganda like it’s neighbor Rwanda are one of the three countries the other is Democratic republic of Congo that took up arms to fight and ensure the survival of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the Wild. Gorillas are loved by every one to watch but without a gorilla permit it’s completely very impossible to have a glance at them in their natural environment.
Tour companies help travelers not to get disappointed in one way or the other like if you’re a self catered traveler in many times you can fail to buy a gorilla permit as in many times tour companies get access to them and they can buy them directly from the Uganda wildlife authority. So those who book with them in time are assured of getting gorilla permits, however gorilla permits are booked in advance at least 2-3 months before your safari as permits are always on a high demand and are based on first come first served basis, so you are advised to book with a tour company so that you can be advised accordingly by the safari company organizing your safari on availability in case they are found to be an available and also to avoid the inconvenience. tour companies have experienced workers who are well versed in the field of tourism and the UWA the organization in charge of issuing out Gorilla permits to so ever would like to go tracking in Uganda primarily pays more attention to tour operators than independent travelers and you will need to book your safari through a travel company.Please book with us(Abacus African vacations) you won’t regrate