| October 4, 2015

How about Bird watching in Uganda

It’s interesting how people over look small details when identifying birds whose subspecies almost look alike when bird watching say weaver birds. Did you know that when you approach a tree with a number of weaver bird’s nests you can choose to identify these weavers by the the way they contract their nests?. Well as they all build to impress females and on rejection they rebuild again until the suitor accepts, weavers in the same subspecies build the same. So the instead of looking for the bird’s features it can become more interesting when you identify them by their nests while the busy bee bird pursues to impress the female.

When it’s nest building season for the weavers, it means that males will work hard to constructing their intricate nests. These talented architects with their blue print engraved on their brains from birth use dry grass, twigs and leaves to create beautiful, safe homes for their females to breed bring up the next generation of their own kind.

Sometimes it’s easier to ID the nests than the busy-bee birds!