| October 5, 2015

How to kill Boredom on a Uganda safari?

When preparing for your safari you should bear in mind that solo traveling is sometimes kind of boring that is if the driver guide is also bore some and kind of quite most of the time that where traveling with a friend or a relative gets interesting. Whereas solo travelers may want to do things that they don’t want others to know about on a safari but taking on an adventure in Uganda as a group will leave unforgettable happy memories in your head hence may feel like coming back again.

There are a number of safari activities that can be done in Uganda but those that kill the boredom I will mention.

Me-rafting-at-the-source-of-the-Nile-in-UgandaWhite water Rafting on the Nile is one of the major outstanding boredom killer in Uganda as the guides are so interesting and knowledgeable out the Nile and know each wave by name. Such an Adventure when included on your safari itinerary will leave you with nothing but interesting stories of how great the waves were back there.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja is also one of the breathtaking adventure that steers up your adrenaline down your spine on request can be carefully tailor made and added on your safari just for you.

For those on a safari vacation, horseback riding lake-mburo-horse-rideson a game viewing in lake Mburo is sometimes worth taking as it creates everlasting memories in the minds of the youngsters.

Gorilla tracking the ultimate epic tracking that will leave you with your mouth open in a amazement of what Uganda safari can offer. This will be realized after an adventurous trek and tracking of the World’s last remaining mountain gorillas in the wild with none in the Zoo, Setting your eyes on them will leave you a feeling of how it was worth it and the pride of having participated in their survival in their natural habitat

More and more activities can be tailor made just for you by Abacus African Vacations to suit your vacation needs all you need to do is mention and we will make it happen. To begin with we have a number of safari offers that you may want to have a quick look at