| December 3, 2014

Uganda declared a better holiday destination than Spain by the UK’s leading newspapers.

News reaching our desk indicates that due to polls conducted by one of the most popular news paper in UK with a daily average of 2,937,070 browsers. According to the answers which where given on the question they where answering ‘’where would you prefer to go on holiday?’’ over 79% respondents Indicates that Uganda is better than Spain as far as tourism is concerned. According to polls many said that Uganda is a beautiful country with very many wildlife more so the rare mountain gorillas in bwindi forest national park, the scenery is superb, each of its people has a rich culture to marvel at, with hospitable people and the landscape from the snowcapped, Mountain Rwenzori to the open savannah, as the attract to the diverse country sitting straddling the Equator. Adding on that many said that Uganda has a perfect weather in abundance all year round emphasizing that Uganda is a better safari destiny than Spain.

One respondent said that in Spain, there is only one River Nile so he would rather go with Uganda which has a bigger package. Spain also houses the worlds grandest most powerful and incomparable architectural treasures like the Great Mosque of Cordoba making all these attractions force a number of travelers to visit Spain. This compulsion came out after president Museven had just said that Uganda is a better tourist destination than Spain calling the Uganda Wildlife Authority to continue protecting the national attractions including the natural parks and also gave authority to the Uganda people’s defense force (UPDF) and the Uganda wildlife authority a go ahead to short poachers on sight if found in a national park.

He criticized tourism officials for merely promoting Uganda as having only some chimpanzees and so on yet Uganda houses a lot of tourist attractions like the national museum, Bahai temple, Namugongo shrine, very many rarely seen wildlife like the tree climbing lions which are only seen in the in Uganda’s most visited national park that’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. And one of the executive directors of the Uganda tourism board Stephan Asiimwe said they are in the advanced stage of hiring a public relations and marketing firm to promote Uganda in North America, German-speaking countries, the UK and Ireland.

He encouraged the private sector to take this advantage of the publicity to harvest from tourism and authorities to plan for the expected flow in visitors and encouraged the Government to invest more in tourism because now tourism only accounts for about 8% of Uganda’s gross domestic product which is about 5.5 trillion which is a very high improvement as compared to previous years. Uganda is worth visiting as the country is safe with hospitable people and it can be visited at any time of the year depending on visitor’s interest