| April 10, 2015

Why you must visit bwindi impenetrable forest this year

When it comes to choosing an African destination for a holiday Uganda is the answer, you will get to know that this small country is blessed with wonders, In order to prove what you see in documentaries and films come and observe them physically you will realize that this smaller country is blessed with incredible features difficult to see in other countries with good infrastructures and a road network.

Bwindi impenetrable national park is ranked the number one and most visited tourist spot in Uganda since it’s one of two parks the other is Mgahinga national park to host these few rare mountain gorillas in the world and it’s considered the best safari destination for gorilla tracking in the world given the fact that it hosts almost a half of the world’s population over 400 individuals.

The park is located in the south western part of Uganda just about 8-10 hours drive up to the park. Bwindi N.P neighbors the Republic of Congo border and the Virunga National park on the edge of the Albertine Rift and it is UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. Gorilla tracking is the most interesting activity done at the park and over 90% of visitors to the park go gorilla tracking. There are over 10 habituated gorilla groups at bwindi impenetrable forest and in each group only 8 members are allowed to track gorillas meaning that over 88 visitors to the park can track gorillas in each day. Each group consists of a ranger guide who takes control of the group, he lead you the gorillas and he is responsible for giving relative information about gorillas and any other forest dwellers found on the way.

Porters are also available at the park headquarters in case you feel like you need one you can hire one at USD 10 per track, they can help you in case you get tired, carry your accessories like bag, among other items in order to make your gorilla tracking very easy. While in the park, there is reduced hustle to see the gorillas due to the fact that they are large in number and therefore finding a family of these apes moving roaming about the whole area is not a surprise. In order to be among the eight members to join a group, you must pay a gorilla permit fee of USD 600 per person per tracking and this fee is supposed to be paid earlier prior to your tracking date in order to avoid inconvenience. Gorilla permits are issued at first come first served basis, so the earlier the better.

Book with our company abacus African vacation you will get the best. Many people leave their beautiful homes and offices to come and spend at least one or two days in the impenetrable forest of bwind to stay with these close relative gorillas for at least one hour the recommended time allowed staying with these giants observing their behaviors as well as taking photos.

Gorillas are not easy to track as you may expect, there is some difficulties, since African weather is unpredictable it can rain at any time so you are advised to come with tracking gears such as rain jackets, strong shoes, long sleeved shirts and blouses, and since meeting them is unpredictable you are also advised to go with bottled water and some times packed lunch as some levels of physical fitness is called for, since tracking involves passing through muddy and thick jungle with a lot of stinging plants, so in such a background you must be well prepared for the activity.

But ounce gorillas are met you will forget all the troubles you’ve gone through and utilize the one hour with the gorillas. While during the search others primates will be met like the chimpanzee, Bwindi national park is the only park in the world where chimps and gorillas co-exist in the same setting, other primate like black and white colobus moneys may also be seen, bird species are also superb at the park so bird lovers have a grate opportunity. At the park you can also enjoy other activities like nature walk, community walk to meet the neighboring people around the park. All these activities are arranged for you for a better safari, don’t miss out this chance this year bwind has a lot to offer, we are always at your disposal. Welcome in advance.