Bungee jumping

“I would rather be scared to death than be bored to death” Bungee jumping is one of the most daring sports activity you will have to cross paths with. This is a no go zone for the cowards and the Acrophobic. However its amazing in its own way, when its finally your turn and your name is called to go up the wooden stairs, you will stagger a little, its a daring activity. Sky diving is a mother to Bungee jumping, basically they both thresh you through your skin but that is exactly why you you do it….. challenge yourself to this daring activity. You will be carefully tied by the people responsible and prepared for the whole experience, the tiny gate is finally opened……… at that time in my mind i thought that was it for me i was going to kiss my grave psssh that was just in my thought, the guides started counting 5,4,3,2…. i do remember hearing the last number and i took the daring leap. I can not really explain how it felt, you need to take the leap yourself to understand it. It was incredible and am glad i took that leap, keeps your blood flowing. I asked for a water-dip and it was amazing to hit the water am a brave person but you too can be, I surely will do this again if am given a chance. At the bottom the whole experience, there are other guides that help you off the loop and lead you back to where you want to be, next to your friends and in a hidden place is this camera guy that is my ‘favorite person’ and you will get your photos at the reception. It is extremely amazing

NOTE: If you step in to the opportunity, the fear goes away  you are not scared of taking the leap you are just scared of changing your story. Your mind tells not to go  it tells you stories you know already but your heart wants to go and the best story is on the other side of the River.