Cultural Encounters

Walk with Bakonzo villagers through their homesteads in the foothills of the Rwenzoris as they demonstrate their daily activities, from tending to their animals and crops, to preparing meals with the freshest ingredients. See cultural dances, traditional costumes and hear their fascinating folklore.

Off the beaten track it is not a place many tourists come to and the only people you may find here are climbers beginning their ascent to the  tallest mountain range in Africa- the Rwenzori Mountains.  It does not have a lot of tourists but those who have come here are pleased to have made the descision and it is often one of their favorite highlights of their time in Uganda.

Ruboni Village in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains offers clean, self-contained and comfortable rooms for the night  there is a restaurant for eat meals that are well prepared and cold refreshments after a long hike in the foothills or a village walk. Ruboni Village gives you the opportunity to enjoy Ugandan Village Life – and at the same time see the Rwenzori Mountains up close instead of from a distance. Ruboni Village is the perfect place for a village stay and village visit combined with fabulous hiking and walking safaris.