Ssese Island

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Ssese Island is situated in the Southwestern part of Lake Victoria. The island can be accessed by either using ferry service or a motor boat that is taken from Bukakata landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria. Or you can also take a Ferry from Entebbe (Nakiwogo) which leaves once a day at 14:00. It takes 31/2 hours to get to Lutoboka (on Buggala island), where most of the campsites and resorts are located.

Ssese Island is regarded as the second largest fresh water Lake in the world. The Ssese Archipelago consists of 84 separate Islands, some large and densely populated, others small and abandoned, but lushly forested due to high annual rainfall in the area, but the more recognized and the largest island in the archipelago is called Bugala Island, most accessible and most developed, which is privately owned and the site of a popular budget resort. Other Islands that can be visited are Bubeke, Bukasa and Bufumira.

The Ssese Island are gifted with calm white sandy beaches, water wonder world, and natural rain forests, absent in any other place in Africa. The many islands that make up the Ssese Island give more wonderful experience of life in Africa’s biggest lake, Lake Victoria; it has rich lands with fertile soil, natural tropical forests, abundant water resource, and above all, the smiling faces of the local people when ever you visit. The island provides the perfect holiday or relaxation retreat to voyage seekers and honey mooners.

The islands are a home to a number of animal species including primates, some of which are not easily accessible on the mainland. Birds and different species of butterflies are also present at the island.


Swimming and Sun bathing: This is regarded as the most interesting activity done Ssese Island. Those who are interested in swimming are rewarded a lot by this activity as the island is regarded as having good fresh water fin for swimming; sun bathing is also breathtaking and other beach activities such as volley ball among others.

Community projects: At the island you can also do a visit to the local community projects, local people will explain to you how they have managed to run these projects, entertainments can also be arranged by the local people to entertain you. You can join them in their dance and also you can purchase their locally made items if interested.

Spot fishing:  Spot fishing is allowed to those who are interested in fishing and this activity is awesome. Those who are interested in fishing are advised to carry their fishing equipments or they can hire them at the island’s headquarters, the most type of fish caught includes tilapia among other.

Boat ride: this activity is also regarded breathtaking where by those who are interested in boat ride are given an opportunity, enjoy a boat ride on an African largest lake, Lake Victoria. Visit the neighboring local fishing villages to observe and experience their way of life, you can also examine their fishing methods in addition to seeing a variety of fishes they catch.


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