Budongo Forest Reserve

Budongo Forest Reserve

Budongo Forest Reserve

Budongo forest reserve is situated in the North-western part of Uganda and its just 3 hours drive from Kampala via Masindi District. The reserve covers an area of about 825sq kilometers of where by only 53% is forest and the remaining part is grassland forest. It has been a forest reserve since 1932. The reserve lies in the southern extension of Murchison falls National Park, which is considered the largest national park Uganda has covering over 3,840sqkm.

Budongo forest is considered the biggest mahogany forest found in whole of East Africa as well as a habitat to the largest number of chimpanzees all over Uganda. Busingiro Ecotourism site and Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site are the major tourist sites which are located at the borders to Murchison falls National Park and there dominated by mahogany and iron- wood trees.

Budongo forest has a rich biodiversity of wildlife; it is a home to over 9 species of primates. As it’s a nature habitat to over 600 chimpanzees, of which a small community has been habituated for eco-tourism purposes. This family consists of over 80 individuals permitting visitors an outstanding opportunity to view these incredible apes in their natural location. Other primate species include black and white colobus monkeys, Olive baboons, blue monkeys and Grey –cheeked Mangabeys. Not only primates but the forest reserve is a home to over24 species of small mammals, 280 butterflies, 465 species of trees and shrubs.

Activities done at the reserve


Chimpanzee tracking

Forest walk

Chimp Habituation Experience

Wildlife safari

Since the forest reserve is near Murchison falls National Park, arrangements can be made to visitors who are interested in wildlife viewing in the northern part of the park. Visits can be made to the savannah plains and beautiful delta area of the park one of the most picturesque and the best place to come a cross several species of wildlife such as Giraffes, lion, various species of antelopes, buffaloes, warthogs ,you can also take a boat cruise along the Nile River for more game viewing.


Budongo Eco Lodge and there are many other accommodations just kilometers from the reserve