Mabira Forest

Mabira Forest

Mabira forest is located in Buyikwe District between Lugazi and Jinja just about 54 km (1 hour) from Kampala up to the forest reserve headquarters. It has been protected as a reserve since 1932. It is covering an area of about 306 square kilometers and it’s regarded as one of the last remaining rain forest and biggest in central Uganda. It is a home to very many primate species like the red tailed monkeys, Vertvets, grey-cheeked mangabeys; it is a home to over 315 bird species including the Cassinis hawk eagle, Grey long bill to mention but a few, 97 species of moths 218 species of butterflies, 312 species of trees among others species.

Services offered at Mabira forest reserve

Forest walk

This is one of the most interesting activities carried out in the forest reserve, during the forest walk your eyes will be sighting out different species such as butterflies, different tree species, primate species such as red tailed monkeys, vertvets, gre-cheeked mangabeys , species of birds can all be spotted out.


For those who want to learn more about the local Ugandans arrangements can be made for the visitors to meet the local people who will entertain them through their cultural dances. You can also purchase their locally made items if interested.

Bird watching

Mabira forest reserve is a home to over 315 species of birds which include Nathan’s francolin, paradise fly catcher, purple-throated cuckoo shrike, sooty boubou to mention but  a few

Mountain trail biking: this activity can also be organized for those interested

Environment education

Mabira forest camp which is also known as griffin falls campsite. It’s a community eco tourism centre managed and run by Mabira forest integrated community organization.

Rainforest Lodge – Lugazi: The lodge is situated in Lugazi about 4 miles from Mabira forest reserve. Other hotels/Lodges are located in Jinja town.