Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga is one of the two national parks in Uganda to be a home to the few surviving mountain gorillas in the world and tracking these giants is regarded as the most interesting activity carried out at the park, all  information regarding tracking is acquired at the park headquarters.’

For your protection and that of mountain gorillas no one with signs of communicable disease like cough, flu, or any air born disease will be allowed to track

Some levels of physical fitness are also required as tracking is unpredictable and it involve passing through the bushy areas. Tracking can take between 1-8 hours and it’s advisable to come with strong pairs of shoes, rain jackets, long sleeved shirts and blouses. While possession of gorilla permits is an assurance of tracking, it’s not a guarantee for sighting, but the chance of sighting is 95% or more. The minimum age for sighting these endangered mountain gorillas is 15 years and minimum time for watching is strictly one hour.