| January 2, 2016

Action & Adventure on a Uganda Safari

Hearing Uganda and searching about it may tell you a lot of things about this landlocked country almost at the heart of Africa, some correct you may be poor perception of this African pearl.  But when you are preparing to travel Uganda, be it for business or a safari, (for the first time) I am here to guide you to the most action and Adventure of a Uganda safari that is if you are traveling with ugandasafari.com

Jackie; the tour consultant awakes up every morning with only one main purpose on her mind; to prepare for you one of the best and memorable safari in Uganda. She has done this for the last 10years and that’s why  asked her to give me a list of Actions and Adventures in Uganda.

“most of the my clients love mountain gorilla tracking safaris with is done mostly in Bwindi impenetrable national park  and also in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park“, she started.

“A visit to the Batwa trail is more credit as far as adventure is concerned where you are able to learn more about the indigenous group of people that for centuries lived in harmony with the gorillas in the heart of the Bwindi forest sharing how they spend their way of life back then.

Most of them find it really hard not visiting Africa’s most strongest falls that make up a name for Murchison falls national park that are clearly visible at the top of the falls. Besides this game drives are always made in the morning to catch up the epic adventure of seeing an Africa lion from its hunt see that are known to hunt at first light.

More on this adventure quest, Rhino tracking is added as an optional activity but in the end it loved and repeatedly requested. It can only be done in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary on your way to Murchison falls. Rhino tracking is a family friendly activity one that kids find to enjoy along other activities because it tends to educate more about the Rhinos in Africa broodily and the need to protect these greatly threatened animals in the world.

Additionally most of them like paying a visit to the source of the world’s longest river ‘The Nile’, stretching out on a 90 days course journey to the Mediterranean sea in Egypt.

But when action calls, then white water rafting along the Nile in Jinja is one of the many activities to turn to. This comes in a range of choice from a half day rafting to a whole week. This can be combined with bungee jumping and spot fishing on the Nile.”

Because of the busy schedule of Jackie in preparation of vacations for her clients she had to to hurry to prepare for a hear client who hand request for a last minute Uganda safari offer. She greatly apologized and promised to finish the entire list next time.