| June 21, 2016

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is know for game drives in the kasenyi plains where a number of animals can be sighted with lucky days spotting prides of lions, Tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, numerous crater lakes with and without salt mining. But the kazinga channel boat cruise is the main highlight this park as a number of animal are seen coming to have a drink and also cool down in mad.

It is also the best time to do bird watching as a conference of migratory water birds can be seen on the bank of the channel, African fish eagle, Marakai Kingfisher, Gull-billed Terns, pink backed pelicans among others. Some of the animals that you can expect to see are hippos, Nile Crocodiles, Cape Buffalo,  African Savanna Elephants, Monitor Lizards and a number of various antelopes.

This 32km natural channel is a link between Lake George and Edward. The boat cruise is mostly done in the afternoon. There are two companies that do boat cruises on the channel, but the best is that of Uganda wildlife Authority, Why? Because they have got excellent rangers who have much knowledge about the birds animals and also the channel itself.

Most of the itineraries that involve queen Elizabeth national park have a kazinga channel included. Abacus African vacations – Uganda Safari has a number of offers that are discounted up to 25%. Check them out and book now.