| June 16, 2016

Tree Climbing lions in Africa

When someone is told about the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park in the ishasha sector, it may seem like a myth, but its surprisingly true. Africa lions may not all be tree climbing and no one can say that they are a different species. What you just need to know is that they can climb tree. When you are on a Uganda Wildlife Safari and you miss out on the Ishasha tree climbing lions, then do not expect that to be a complete safari.

Its not only here that this characteristic is displayed among some prides of African lions, but it’s seen in a number of prides in different national parks. For example, In the far south near crocodile bridge in kruger national park is vurhami pride with tree climbing lions. There are also tree climbing lions in lake manyara national park where this behavior was first pronounced. They can also be seen in Botswana’s Savuti Region.

But the real question here is. Why do these lions climb trees?. Many source say that may be the love of the cool weather up in the branches compel them to rest up in the trees while others think that the bites of tsetse flies are less in the trees than on the ground that’s why.

But is there any genuine reason as to why so prides do it while others don’t? Well, that’s yet to be found out. But to my understanding, Lions are in a cat family and a number of members in this family have got the ability to climb trees. Lions may be heavy thus finding it difficult to climb most trees in their territory but if there are simple and easier trees to climb then they will find it easy to climb them.

Also this behavior may have began from some curious youngsters and found it good and later passed it on to the rest of the pride. Whatever the source may be, all in all viewing these lions is like a once in a life time experience that you should witness one day. So if you may, we have a number of Uganda safari itineraries from which you can choose one to take on. you can also want to include and also exclude some activities of your choice.