| October 31, 2014

Uganda is Ebola and Marburg free said the tourism minister Maria Mutagamba and the Uganda Tourism Board

The minister of tourism on Tuesday as she was addressing a news conference in Kampala declared that Uganda is Ebola and Marburg free and that Uganda is going to participate at the World Travel Market to promote Uganda safari parks and other related tourism products and will also host two international events next month that’s the Africa Travel association (ATA) Congress and the Uganda international Tourism Expo next month staring November 11 all these programs are to promote Uganda tourism.

Information the comes from the Uganda health officials last weak indicates that all alleged cases of The Ebola and Marburg virus had tested negative and those held isolation released. On September 11,28 2014 a medical technician age 30 year old died from Marburg after falling sick in a Kampala hospital where he was working from, so this created fear and sparking an alarm. The senior health ministry official Issa Makumbi Told AFP that there are no any other new cases reported suspected with the virus, this has brought confidence and tourists are advised not to fear coming to Uganda.

He added that the Marburg virus is one of the most deadly known pathogens, it causes severe bleeding, fever, vomiting and diarrhea and it goes 21 days incubation period. Uganda has passed more than 21 days since the last confirmed infection: that of the hospital worker who died. But it is yet to pass the 42 day period which are needed until the complete all clear is given. He urged to all Ugandans to remain alert until we have been declared free of Marburg he added. Like Ebola, the Marburg virus is also transmitted via contact with bodily fluids and fatality rates range from 25 to 80 percent.