Forest walk

Forest walk in Bwindi National Park (4)

Forest walk in Bwindi National Park

This is also another popular and exciting activity at the park, it can take between 1- 4hours walk through the impenetrable forest. The walk gives visitors an opportunity to view various species of birds that live in the forest, various species of butterflies, and different primate species among other forest dwellers that live in the forest. A guide will help to give informative and educative information during the forest walk.

Forest walk in Kibale National Park

Forest walk are available daily within the park and at the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary just outside the park. During the swamp walk different species of birds and butterflies together with various species of primates can be seen. The sanctuary is operated by the local community where by over 25 families benefit directly from tourism activities in this area.

Budongo forest reserve Forest walk

This is yet another tourist activity done at budongo forest reserve; it gives one a perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest. During the forest walk different species can be seen, you can encounter the old mahogany trees, species of birds, different species of primates, butterflies to mention but a few.

Kalinzu forest reserve Forest walk

Forest walk is also arranged at the Kalinzu forest reserve and during forest walk, visitors are in position to come a cross various species of primates such as black and white colobus monkey, you can also watch butterflies, different species of trees and birds among others

Forest walk in Ngamba Island

This is another tour activity carried out at the island, and forest walk can be done either in the morning or in the evening. During the forest walk, you will be in position to see the chimpanzees, walk with them as babies are jumping over on your shoulders or move feet by feet with you, not only chimps that can be seen but also other forest species such as birds, butterflies, and plants among others. This activity is so interesting and need not to be missed while at the island.