White Water Raftng

Get wet! Get wild! Get rafting!! Rafting seems scary at the thought of it, you imagine yourself on the Nile throughout the briefing, it gives you mixed feelings, that is totally a normal process, you may find yourself hoping not to go yet wanting to. its one of the greatest and amazing activities you will enjoy while in Jinja

Rafting has a full day and half day, you will do what you desire.

Grade 3 is half day about 4-5 hours on the river.

Grade 5 is full day about 8-9 hours on the river with lunch.

Let me share my experience with you, we woke up early and drove to the briefing point, had a nice breakfast and sat under a tree to hear a briefing from the leader that day i was very anxious later we had to chose ourselves in groups of eight. Our leader Tutu was very interesting he helped each one of us with our life jackets and helmets, handed us our peddles, we took a group photo and headed down to the river. At the river our rafting boats were already there, he helped us into the boat and we peddled off shore. He begun showing us what to do and how to handle everything while on the river, by this time i was very anxious, he somehow turned the boat and we all fell in to the river ouch the water felt good since the sun was really hot. We waited for all the groups to settle on the river and set out for an adventure. We did a grade 5 full day rafting, rafted through some rafts and then had lunch on the river while the rain was dripping on us, I remember that juicy fresh pineapple hmmmm!! we then proceeded to raft more and more our guide was so inventive while we peddled we sung a few songs like raw raw raw your boat gently down the stream………. with very many Kayakas around us, oh what an incredible day we had. I remember jumping into a raft on our last raft. we then came to the end of the day that i wished still had some more hours left. We then changed into clean clothes and had beers and barbecue and then headed back to Kampala.

It may seen scary before you start it but once you start, you wouldn’t want the day to end  it will live you screaming for more. I would definitely do this again.